Yep. I am curious to hear about your process and see if it makes sense for my Auto Glass Business.

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auto glass leads

Who is this For?

  • Auto Glass Shops and Mobile Windshield Replacement Contractors.
  • People who want their business to grow, want more work and can handle more work right away with exclusive glass leads.
  • Businesses that realize 100% exclusive glass leads are the way to go
  • Businesses who take their work seriously by making sure they answer phones, return customer messages and conduct business on time kill it with our glass leads.
  • Owners who could benefit from a partner that knows how get you tons Glass Leads.

How Do you Get your auto glass repair leads?

The auto glass and windshield replacement leads that we receive come from customers doing Google searches for various terms. Most commonly a customer will search for “auto glass” or “windshield replacement + city”. This will guide customers to my websites where they request estimates for that local market, meaning you receive highly qualified glass leads that make you money!

auto glass leads

My glass company has capacity for more leads.

How do the FREE leads work?

I’m so confident that my leads are amazing, that I can give you FREE auto glass leads upfront if I already have leads from that area. This way you can test the leads for yourself with no risk.

If you want to work in a market that is new to me, I won’t have any glass leads yet, so I won’t be able to share any with you right away. However I will make sure that there is no risk to you and make sure that I answer all of your questions until you have no doubts about working with me! Contact me to see how we can figure out something that works for you!

How many glass repair leads can I get?

The leads received are going to depend on the location and population of the market you are in. Large markets can see upwards of 100 leads per week for windshield replacement, while smaller markets with lower population may see 25 leads per month. However, with our Auto Glass leads ranging from $200-$1600, that many leads means a BIG increase in business for you. Schedule a call so we can discuss your business and market.

I want to talk about partnering with you.

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